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Why Hood2Handle?:

Do you need some high quality Instrumental Rap Beats for your songs, videos, movies etc.? Then you found the right place,
welcome to Hood2Handle! On this website you will find high quality Instrumental Rap Beats for good prices, also with bundle deals
perfect for your need. Download hip hop beats for free if you just want to make songs for promotional use.

Free Downloads:

The free downloads may containt voice tags and you could get a copyright claim on Youtube. Your video is still available worldwide
but you wont be able to monetize the video on your own. If you want to monetize your song on Youtube or if you want to sell your music,
you can take a look into the music player above and buy a license for the instrumental.

Customized Beats:

If you want any customized Rap Beats, Trap beats, RnB Beats etc. for your project, please use the contact link in the menu above and send me a message.
Note, customized beats are just available with exlusive rights and you will have to pay an extra fee for custom wishes.
If you want to collaborate or if you have any other questions, please also use the contact page and just send me a message.




  • 1 Project
  • Youtube Monetization
  • Mixtape
  • Live Performance
  • Radio Performance



  • 1 Project (Song)
  • Youtube Monetization
  • Mixtape
  • Commercial Album
  • Live Performance
  • Radio Performance
  • ITunes / Spotify etc



  • Non Profit
  • Tagged Beats

Customer Imformation

Once you purchased one ore more instrumentals, go to your e-mail inbox to see the download links
for your purchased instrumental beats. You will also be able to download the .pdf contracts for
your beats. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see the e-mail in your inbox.
Didn’t get an e-mail? Please contact: info (at) hood2handle.de

You can use normal leasing rights for mixtapes, monetized youtube videos, live performances, radio and
television performance. You can’t use normal leasing rights for exclusive album productions. In this
case you have to buy full exclusive rights to sell your albums in stores or websites such as Itunes.

You can use exclusive rights for the same things plus for unlimited album sales in stores or
streaming websites. You will also get support for purchased exclusive beats. Want any changes
on exclusive beats? Please contact: info (at) hood2handle.de

You can use free rap beats for none commercial use. You will not be able to earn money with
your music if you use free downloads or tagged instrumentals. You may could get a copyright
notice on Youtube. The song/s will still be available for other people.

Customers are not allowed to resell the single instrumental track to other persons.


Want to promote your Rap Beats or your music video on the Hood2Handle Youtube channel?
You can do it now! We will upload your Rap Beats or music video and promote it on different
platforms. We do not charge anything for it and we are even planning to pay the artists for
their work!

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